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Multiplayer fighting game in less than 90 days

Our team designed and developed a multiplayer web3 game deployed on the Solana blockchain in record-breaking time.


Game Development, Smart contracts, Solana



In record-breaking time, our team designed and developed an innovative multiplayer web3 game that was deployed on the Solana blockchain. With only three months to work with an anonymous client, we created a custom fighting game powered by upgradable NFTs as well as risking & staking protocols – all while ensuring maximum hype among players during development!

Interested in learning how we did this?

To tackle this project, we adopted an industry-leading process from companies like Apple and BMW - one that focuses on customer needs.

It was a two-week sprint of brainstorming to develop design guidelines, product roadmaps and game development documentation to keep the timeline tight. All these were essential for our first launch.


For our ambitious development goals, Our team opted for the innovative MetalityX web3 Game engine to build our project due to its modular and infinitely scalable structure that allows multiple blockchains. Unity was then chosen as a development platform, while ReactJS took care of all front-end functionality for smooth integration with the web3 system.


We harnessed the power of our passionate community by unveiling a multistage launch strategy, beginning with a select beta group to gather crucial feedback. This enabled us to refine and improve our product as well as kept anticipation high in anticipation for its upcoming arrival!


By involving the community in its development, our team crafted an interactive game that became a hit sensation! Players had so much fun with it that it was featured on NFT Launch's official marketplace.

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